Read More The Tour Was Due To Start With The First Of Three One-dayers In Rawalpindi But New Zealand Did Not Travel To The Stadium.


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read more The tour was due to start with the first of three one-dayers in Rawalpindi but New Zealand did not travel to the stadium. "It's an unfortunate scenario," Raja, who took over as Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman on Monday, said in a video posted on the board's Twitter handle. "But we've faced similar situations in the past and have always overcome them. We've tremendous resilience... it's a setback to staging international cricket in Pakistan but we'll overcome this crisis too." Several Pakistan players took to Twitter to vent their anger and frustration at New Zealand's decision. Raja advised them to channel it into find improving their performance. "My message to the team is -- vent your anger and frustration through your performance on the field. "If you become the best team in the world, others will queue up here to play you in Pakistan." Local media reports said New Zealand would return home on a chartered flight via the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the shock endto their first Pakistan tour in 18 years. PCB chief executive Wasim Khan was not immediately available to elaborate when Reuters contacted him, while a New Zealand team spokesman declined to share travel plans. Top teams have largely shunned Pakistan in the wake of an attack by Islamist militants on the Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore in 2009 that killed six policemen and two civilians, and there are fears New Zealand's decision to leave will keep them away.