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The direct-to-consumer women’s health company provides online birth control prescriptions and has expanded into STI testing, dermatology and migraine treatment. Often, women's health care is limited to reproductive health, she said. Nurx focuses on healthcare for women across all life stages, and the company is working to deepen its expertise in areas such as contraception, sexual health and migraine, she noted. RELATED:  Ro will acquire women's health startup Modern Fertility in $225M deal Forecasts indicate miles of innovation runway ahead for women+ digital health. Emergen Research projects that the global market for women’s health will reach $60 billion in 2027, compared to its $18.8 billion valuation in 2019.  Zweig points to digital health companies in the space raising larger, late-stage rounds. At the same time, about half of women+ digital health deals are seed-stage, indicating a lot of innovation is still early in the pipeline. "They will ride the current wave of heightened visibility, learning, and capital—so we should expect growth, and more capital need, from this new, eager class of early-stage companies," Zweig said. "The exit market also is starting to heat up. In efforts to offer more specialized care for women+ within broader care platforms, Ro acquired Modern Fertility in May and LabCorp acquired maternity and family benefits company Ovia Health in August.

https://www.fiercehealthcare.com/digital-health/women-s-digital-health-rakes-1-3b-2021-buoyed-by-investor-interest-more-integrated [Construction]

An 18-month ban on international travel is set to be gradually lifted from next month for some states when 80% of people aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated. Fifty-five percent of Australians were fully inoculated as of Friday, but nearly 80% have received at least one shot. Victoria state, which reported a record 1,488 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, on Friday ordered about 1 million employees across industries to receive at least one dose of a COVID vaccine by Oct. 15 to keep working. Police in Melbourne, the state capital, on Saturday dispersed a small rally against the mandate and made several arrests for breaking public health rules that ban large public gatherings. The state, with about a quarter of Australia's 25 million people, has been in a hard lockdown since Aug. 5. New South Wales state, battling the country's biggest Delta outbreak, reported 813 cases additional reading and 10 deaths on Saturday. Nearly 88% of the state's eligible population have been partially vaccinated and 65% fully. Sydney, the state capital, has been under lockdown since June 26, with some restrictions scheduled to be lifted on Oct.


Illinois basketball An east coast kid who is in the top 30 is something Illinois is not used to being in the mix for, but that has changed with the hiring of Chester Frazier. Frazier has the Illini recruiting well and on the cusp of landing some big-time recruits, Whitmore being one of them. Back on August 30, Whitmore narrowed his list down to just North Carolina, Villanova, and Illinois. He visited the Tar Heels on August 22, Illinois on August 27, and finished his official visits with a stop at Villanova on September 17. Most of the “experts” at 247Sports have a six or seven confidence that Whitmore will pick the Wildcats, but that isn’t too high of a number. Usually, if it is a lock, the number is around an eight or a nine. In my eyes, this leaves the door open for Illinois to potentially win this recruitment.